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Hello and welcome to the final week.

Plans need to be implemented. In this week, we’ll begin by considering some practical issues on what needs to be considered in order to implement a plan.

How can we go about organising our activities into time frames and budgets? If a plan has been implemented, how can we make sure it stays on track? What do we mean by monitoring and evaluation?

As we consider the elimination of avoidable blindness, we need to consider a change in our approach to eye care services. This means we’re going to have to begin considering bringing both clinical and non-clinical human resources together with appropriate infrastructure and technology to deliver efficient and effective eye care services. This has to be supported by consistent leadership and governance.

This has been an introductory course, a simple approach, a sort of a stepping stone if you like. We hope that this allows you to begin the journey to making sure that no one goes blind needlessly.