Lesson 11: Concluding reflection

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We have now reached the end of the course. Over its duration you have:

  • Learnt about the magnitude and causes of visual impairment.
  • Appreciated the management activities essential for increasing service delivery for cataract and refractive error.
  • Gained skills and tools to bring about a change in your own setting, e.g. by monitoring cataract outcome or by carrying out school eye health activities.
  • Identified that planning service provision is not an individual activity, but must also involve eye care teams both vertical teams, from the Ministry of health downwards, and also horizontally, within the hospital or clinic.
  • Learnt to appreciate that the management of services requires a clear aim and specific objectives to ensure that all activities can be followed through.
  • Linked activities with budgets and timetables and learned how to monitor performance.
  • Identified that at the heart of all activities in the community which must be empowered and supported to engage with eye care services.

What next?

Here are some of our suggestions on possible applications of the learning in this course:

  • Use the learning activities provided to teach your team. Download course materials in the different formats available.
  • Use the knowledge and skills gained to plan your own hospital or clinic services.
  • Assess with your team the strengths and weakness in your setting
  • Explore the opportunities and threats in your district and country
  • Identify the change you want and plan for it.
  • Share your plans with hospital managers, the Ministry of Health, funders, key stakeholders, etc.
  • Start with small changes and expand as you get more confident.