Lesson 6: What is the science? Copy

We know from studies performed on chicks that myopic defocus induces choroidal thinning and axial length growth within a very short amount of time. Within just 5 hours of a chick wearing a minus lens, researchers were seeing changes in the refractive status of chicks.

Interestingly, these same studies show that it doesn’t matter the amount of hyperopic defocus induced, just the fact that it’s there. Whether the chicks were wearing a -5.00 lens or a -15.00D lens, their eye grew by about the same length.

So how can we correct a young myope’s vision so that they can see clearly? How do we do this and also prevent that correction from inducing peripheral hyperopic defocus? How can we prevent elongation of the axial length while they are wearing their prescribed glasses?

Many studies prove that RPHD is one of the key drivers for myopic progression in children.

So, HOW DO WE STOP THIS? The answer lies in the use of Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments lenses (DIMS).

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