Lesson 7: DIMS Lens Structure and Optics Copy

What are DIMs?

The optical design of DIM lenses is such that their centre houses a 9.4 mm clear vision zone.u00a0 This creates a clear central or foveal refractive correction for a myopic child.u00a0 The mid-peripheral zone houses a 33 mm diameter area.u00a0 This area looks like a honeycomb in which +3.50D myopic defocus is incorporated into the lens.u00a0 So,u00a0 the central region corrects myopia while the peripheral area corrects induced hyperopia.

DIM lenses are made out of polycarbonate material.u00a0 The maximum spherical power reachable by these lenses is -6.50D.u00a0 In myopic astigmats,u00a0 DIMs can only correct up to -4.00D.u00a0 Some DIMs designs support up to 3D of prisms.u00a0

The peripheral honeycomb area is produced by over 300 tiny lenses inserted on the front surface of the single-vision lens.u00a0 This arrangement allows for clear central and peripheral vision respectively.u00a0 The image below depicts the DIMs lens design.

DIMs Infographics